Terms and Conditions – Meal Deals

Effective Date: 2nd March 2022

Meal Deals

Rose & Crown Bar and Restaurant reserves the right to change or withdraw any of our offers at any time.

All meal deals and selected drinks are subject to availability.

All available meal deals will be listed in our online ordering system.

Any items, including sides unless otherwise described, ordered in addition to the a meal deal will be charged in accordance with the prices listed in our menu.

Pizza Deal

Everyday customers can choose from a choice of pizzas and selected drinks everyday for only £7.50.

Steak Night

Every Monday customers can choose from a choice of steaks and selected drinks.

Prices vary – Rib-eye Steak £14.00, Sirlon Steak £12.00 and Rump Steak £11.00.

Meal is served with Chips and Onion Rings only.

Curry Night

Every Wednesday customers can choose from a choice of curries and selected drinks for only £9.00.

Meal is served with rice or chips.

Fish Night

Every Friday customers can enjoy a single portion of fish and chips with selected drinks for only £8.50.