Terms & Conditions – Leisure Bookings

Effective Date: 4th July 2023

Making a Booking

You can make a booking through our website, telephone or email request, social media, walk-ins and selected third parties. Please ensure that you provide us with all the necessary information relating to your stay including number of guests any extras that you require. This information will be used to allocate a pitch or hired caravan to you for the length of your stay.

Bookings can only be made for dates between 1st March and 19th February. From 20th February we close for approximately 9 calendar days, and reopen on 1st March.

All accommodation is subject to an inclusive and maximum occupancy. Occupancy over the inclusive up to the maximum will incur an additional fee.

When making a booking you agree that you are at least eighteen years of age or over and will be considered by us to be responsible for all guests in your group. You will agree to be responsible for any loss or damage caused by any member of your group or animal accompanying you and accept these terms on behalf of all guests in your group.

Camping pitches require a minimum of 1 nights stay outside of Bank Holidays. Bookings over Bank Holidays will require a minimum of 2 nights.

Our hired accommodation (static and tourer caravans) require a minimum of 2 nights stay outside of Bank Holidays. Bookings over Bank Holidays will require a minimum of 3 nights.

We will do our very best to accommodate special requests, please let us know when placing your booking if you have any specific requirements.

All bookings made through our website, via telephone, email, social media or as walk-ins are provisional until a deposit or the full amount is paid. Should a deposit be taken the remaining balance must be paid before arrival.

The option for a deposit will only be available if your arrival date is over 40 days from the date you made the booking. The remaining balance will then be due 21 days before your stay. Deposits are calculated using the following scale:

Accommodation TypeDeposit Amount
Camping1 nights stay or 20%
(whichever is greater)
Static and Tourer Caravan Hire1 nights stay or 20%
(whichever is greater)

If a payment against a booking is not paid within 6 hours of the booking being created then it will be automatically cancelled.

Bookings made through Pitch-Up are subject to a 15% deposit which is retained by Pitch-Up and is non-refundable.

All bookings are non-transferable.

We reserve the right to cancel or terminate any booking made before or during your stay. Bookings cancelled before the start of your stay will be refunded in accordance with our Refunds Policy.


Camping Pitches

We provide camping pitches for tents, tourers, motorhomes and camper vans with or without electric hook-up. Each pitch can accommodate one tent, tourer, motorhome or camper van plus one vehicle. Awnings, Porches or Gazebos are permitted within the confines of the pitch and incur an additional charge. Pitches are on average 9 meters by 12 meters, though smaller tents may be afforded a smaller pitch.

You may bring up to two dogs to stay with you free of charge. We may allow more but please call us first to discuss and there may be an additional fee.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle and accommodation fit within the pitch allocated to you. An additional charge may be levied should you not fit within the pitch.

You must not exceed the maximum occupancy.

Occupancy over the maximum will result in additional guests being asked to leave or book additional accommodation.

On arrival you must follow all directions by ground staff and not encroach upon any other pitches when setting up. If you pitch outside of your designated pitch or your accommodation is judged to pose a safety risk you will be asked to move or where necessary be charged for any adjoining pitches.

Guide ropes, nails, pegs or other items used to secure accommodation must not be affixed to any vegetation, walls or fences surrounding your pitch.

You must leave the pitch in a tidy manner with any and all rubbish deposited in the refuse point provided on site.

Caravan Hire

We provide caravan hire for weekly or on a short term basis with a minimum of 2 nights stay.

All our caravans come equipped with kettles, microwaves, oven and hob along with crookery and cutlery. Bedding can be provided as an optional extra and guests must bring their own towels and toiletries. Guests staying in our caravans can make full use of our sites facilities.

Our caravans come supplied with gas bottles free of charge. Our static caravans are equipped with coin operated electricity meters allowing you to stay in control of the energy you use. Our mobile caravans are supplied with electricity unmetered.

The chemical toilet facilities within the touring caravans must not be used and will incur an additional charge should our staff have to empty them. Each caravan has space for one vehicle and must not exceed this.

You must not exceed the maximum occupancy.

Occupancy over the maximum will result in additional guests being asked to to leave or book additional accommodation.

You may bring up to two dogs to stay with you for a fixed fee per dog for the length of you stay. This is a service fee for cleaning after your stay. We may allow more but please call us first to discuss as this is dependant on your accommodation.

Guests can check in from 2 pm on the day of your arrival.

At the start of your stay you must inform staff immediately if there is damage to the caravan or contents, missing items or other issues. You must not attempt to repair any part of the caravan. You may be liable for any unreported issues.

You must vacate the caravan by 10 am on the day of your departure.

At the end of your stay you must leave the caravan in a clean and tidy condition. Any damage to the caravan or contents, missing items or other issues must be paid for; you will be contacted after your stay if there are any problems found.

Amending Booking

Prior to your arrival you are able to amend your booking to including any optional extras such as Awning, Tent Porch and Additional Guests, or to change your accommodation type subject to availability. Any changes to your booking will be added to your amount due, which must be paid prior to your arrival.

We do allow you to extend your stay at any point, subject to availability and cannot guarantee that the same pitch or caravan will be available. You may be asked to move your tent/ caravan or to another caravan.


The prices advertised are accurate at the time of booking. Rose & Crown (Holbeach) Ltd reserve the right to change the price and will ensure all booking methods are updated to reflect any changes. Customers are advised to check the website for the most up to date information including our latest promotions, deals and discounts. Although prices may vary from time-to-time, the price payable is the price confirmed at the time of booking.

The prices of our accommodation are based on a daily rate unless otherwise stated. Prices include VAT.

All accommodation includes an inclusive occupancy rate. Any additional adult guests over the age of 5 and up to the maximum occupancy rate will be charged at fee per guest per night. Additional guests under the age of 5 are free, subject to the maximum occupancy.

Optional Extras which include Awnings, Tent Porches, Gazebos (up to 3 meters) and Bedding are subject to an additional charge which can be selected during your booking. The charge for each extra will be clearly displayed and added to your booking.

Promotions, deals or discounted offers are provided at the discretion of Rose & Crown (Holbeach) Ltd. All offers are subject to availability, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount and may be withdrawn at any time. Retrospective refunds are not permitted against any offer or promotion advertised after such time a booking is made.


Rose & Crown (Holbeach) Ltd accept a wide variety of payment methods including Cash, Cheque and Credit or Debit Card.

All bookings paid for through our website, telephone, social media or walk-ins are handled by our partner Anytime Booking.

Bookings made through our Website can be paid with a Credit or Debit Card for either the full amount or a deposit. Where a deposit is taken the full remaining amount must be paid for prior to your arrival. You will be sent a reminder of this via the email address provided in your booking request.

Bookings made over the phone can be paid for with a Credit or Debit Card for either the full amount or a deposit. Where a deposit is taken the full remaining amount must be paid for prior to your arrival you will be sent a reminder of this via the email address provided in your booking request.

Bookings made through social media do not require payment at the time of booking. You must provide an email address with you booking to which you will receive instructions on how to pay a deposit or the full amount to secure your booking. Bookings can be paid for with a Credit or Debit card.

Bookings made on site as walk-ins can be paid for with a Credit or Debit Card or cash on the day the booking is made.

Bookings made through Pitch-Up can be paid for with a Credit or Debit Card on the day of your arrival. We do allow payments to be made before you arrive. Please call 01406 426085 to make a payment.

We do offer the ability to pay for bookings with cheque but reserve the right to remove this option at any time. Currently only bookings made in person have this option. Cheques can only be used for the full amount of your stay and the funds must clear at least 14 working days prior to your intended arrival.

Bookings made through our selected third parties are to be paid for using the methods that they specify.

Cancellations and Refunds

You must contact us via telephone to cancel any booking made prior to the day of arrival. Should you wish to cancel your stay with us on arrival please speak to a member of staff.

All cancellations for bookings made direct with us are subject to the following refund scale:

PeriodRefund Amount
Up to 56 days prior to arrival100% Refund
Up to 21 days prior to arrivalRefund minus Deposit Paid
75% of the Total Amount Paid
Up to 7 days prior to arrivalCredit Voucher
Up to 3 days prior to arrivalNo Refund
On arrival or during your stayNo Refund

Rose & Crown (Holbeach) Ltd reserve the right to change the refund policy based on a guests circumstances for cancelling their booking.

Bookings made through Pitch-Up are subject to a 15% deposit which is retained by Pitch-Up and is non-refundable. If you have made any payments towards the cost of your booking prior to your arrival we may offer to refund this subject to our discretion.

For any unforeseen or extortionary event which requires the Rose & Crown (Holbeach) Ltd to close guests will be offered a deposit refund or credit against a future booking. A deposit refund is only available if booked directly with Rose & Crown (Holbeach) Ltd and not through a third-party agent.

Any re-bookings are subject to price adjustments which are dependent on:

  • Annual Price Reviews
  • Any Applied Discounts

All price adjustments will be communicated to you, if you chose to rebook your stay with us. 

Site Access

Access to the site is governed by two barriered gates which require an access card in order to open, this is for the safety and security of our guests. Guests must pay a refundable deposit for an access card which is then refunded after the card is returned.

Camping Site Rules

We let pitches to you with the expectation that you will follow the usual customs of good camping and caravanning.

The management reserves the right to deny access or terminate the stay of those guests whose behaviour is deemed unsuitable. No refunds will be offered

To protect our site open fires and ground level BBQs are not permitted anywhere on site. You must not cut or otherwise damage or disturb any vegetation in and around the site, this includes securing any structures, accommodation or rope swings to trees. Any wilful damage to the site or the Rose & Crown will result in you being asked to leave the site immediately and you will not receive a refund of any amount paid to us.

We operate a 5 mph speed limit on the roads around our site. All drivers must hold a valid full licence and their vehicle is taxed, insured and MOT. No motorised recreational vehicles are permitted to be used on our site.

As the booking owner you are responsible for all guests of your booking. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times and properly behaved. This includes in the outdoor children’s play area, swimming pool, outdoor gymnasium and indoor games room.

You must ensure that you take home all items brought with you. In addition to keeping all pitches or accommodation hired to you tidy during and at the end of your stay. All rubbish and unwanted items must be disposed of in the refuse area provided.


Restaurant and Bar

The Kitchen at Rose & Crown is operated by a third-party leaseholder and is open to guests on our camping site and visitors.

Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times in both bars, the patio area and the adjoining games room.

No outside food or drink, with the exception of baby food, are allowed. Warming facilities for bottles and baby food are available, please ask a member of staff.

Shower Block and Toilets

We provide shower and toilet facilities for exclusive use of guests on our camping site. This includes three coin-operated showers, separate Male and Female toilets and one unisex disabled toilet. Our staff regularly monitor and clean these facilities on a daily basis. If these facilities are not to your standard please speak to a member of staff.

Due to the limited number of facilities available it is important that you leave the showers in a reasonable condition after use and not cause any damage, either directly or indirectly, to the units or the changing areas. Any items found in the shower or changing areas will be disposed of. Hot water is provided using gas cylinders and may run out due to heavy demand. Please inform a member of staff if hot water is not available.

All our toilet facilities run into a septic tank and during peak times may fill up faster than expected. Please notify a member of staff if you find any of the facilities blocked or overflowing. We ask for your understanding during these occasions and we will endeavour to have the tanks emptied as soon as possible.

Please be kind to our Septic Tank. Do not flush feminine hygiene products, nappies,  baby/sanitary/flushable wipes or rubbish down our toilets or toilets in yours/our caravans.

Electric Hook-up (EHU)

Electric Hook-up (EHU) facilities are available as optional extra for a set price per night. Our EHU is supplied at 230V which should be compatible with most UK and European caravans, motorhomes, trailer tents and tent hook-up connections. The supply can be used directly to power 230V appliances or indirectly through a power supply unit that converts the mains power to 12V DC.

Our Electrical supply for EHU is suppled at 10A which gives 2.3kW in power ( 230V x 10A = 2,300 W or 2.3kW). Our supply is designed on the basis of diversity so that the main site supply is geared up to an average electrical usage not all hook-ups taking 10A at one time.

Guests must ensure that they keep within the limits of our supply to prevent a loss of supply should a circuit breaker trip. You should not use high-energy consuming devices for prolonged periods or time or multiple devices at once. Where possible please use specially adapted camping electronics which are available from most camping and caravan dealers. We’ve provided some common examples below. The power ratings are indicative only and provide a rough average for the type of appliance listed; we have also include camping variants where possible. We’ve calculated Amps using W/V = A: for example 2000/230 = 8.7 (1DP).

AppliancePower (W)CURRENT (A)
Domestic Kettle20008.7
Camping Kettle7503.3
Domestic Fan Heater 1kW10004.4
Domestic Fan Heater 2kW20008.7
Camping Fan Heater7503.3
32″ LCD/LED/QLED TV500.2
32″ OLED TV600.3
Hair Dryer15006.5
Electric Grill12505.4
Electric Portable Hob12005.2

Staying on a site using a 230V supply requires more care than that at home this is due to the fact there is a greater chance of things going wrong with the electrical installation than with a fixed home installation. All guests must ensure that their cables and appliances are maintained in good condition, regularly check every time they are used and serviced by a suitably qualified technician.

Rose & Crown (Holbeach) Ltd are responsible for the safety of the electrical supply equipment up to the socket outlet on the site bollard where you connect your hook-up cable. We will ensure that our equipment is regularly serviced by a qualified technician.

Guests are responsible for the safety of their hook-up cable and accommodation’s electrical installation. As Rose & Crown (Holbeach) Ltd is ultimately responsible for safety across the site, guests acknowledge that our employees are empowered to disconnect EHU should they be found to not be conforming to our recommendations or connected in an unsafe manner.

When connecting to the EHU guests must use an EHU Connector and an extension at least 10 meters in length as you may not be sited directly next to a EHU point. Only one EHU is permitted to be connected per accommodation. Do not allow children to play around the EHU point or supply cable or allow them to connect or disconnect supplies.

Guests staying in tents or using awnings with EHU must be aware of the risks posed. The key consideration is that water and electricity do not mix, and tents and awnings are typically damp places. Even small amounts of water or condensation cam cause an electrical supply to trip, start a fire or electrocution. Guests must keep all electrical appliances off the ground and be prepared to stop using electricity when conditions are damp. Electrical appliances must only be used when someone is present and when not appliances must be unplugged and socket outlet covered.

Any loss of supply must be reported to a member of our team as soon as possible. If the loss of supply is because you have overloaded the circuit or misused your equipment then we reserve the right to charge to restore your electricity supply.

Chemical Waste Disposal

Guests on our camping pitches can make use of our chemical waste disposal point and should only use it to dispose of the contents of chemical toilets.

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool will open at 10 am and will close at either 7 pm or dusk depending on which is sooner each day.

Our Swimming Pool is open to all guests and is unattended. The booking owner is responsible for their guests and children must be supervised at all times.

We do not allow any food and drink in the Swimming Pool.

Only food or drink purchased at our Bar & Restaurant is allowed on the patio area surrounding the pool area.

All swimming pool rules must be adhered to at all times.